Cytologic and Electron Microscopic Studies on the Intestinal Respiration of the Loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus)

Yasunobu SUZUKI, Mitsuhiro OSADA, Akira WATANABE
1963 Archivum histologicum japonicum  
Fig. 3. Straight intestine. Illustrating the blood capillary (Cap) from the lamina propria inserting into the intercellular space between the columnar F ig. 7. Illustrating two blood capillaries (Cap) inserted into the intercellular space between the columnar cells (CC). The cytoplasm of the left columnar cell (CC) is flattened by the pressure of the capillary. Microvilli (Mv) are not so well developped. Two light layers are seen: 1. between the cell membrane of the columnar cell and the
more » ... t membrane (BM), 2. between the basement membrane and the endothelial cell (En) of the capillary. T terminal bar of the endothelial cells and of the columnar cells, M mitochondoria in the columnar cell (CC). Lm intestinal lumen.
doi:10.1679/aohc1950.23.431 fatcat:b5lfjge44nbtvdxywgbb74zzma