Corruption is the Main Barrier to Development

Eswara Reddy
2015 International Research Journal of Interdisciplinary & Multidisciplinary Studies   unpublished
If every citizen of a country will become honest, then that country will surely grow by leaps and bounds. Honesty leads to growth, development and progress in all aspects of life and society. The opposite of honesty is corruption. Corruption is an act done by taking undue advantage of one's position, power or authority to gain certain rewards and favours. Corruption opposes development and growth. It is very harmful and detrimental for all aspects of society and life. It corrodes their beauty,
more » ... alues, strength and resources. In India, the epidemic of corruption is spreading rapidly in every fields and departments. Contractors and builders are constructing weak and low standard roads, bridges and houses. Students are engaged in mass copying. Teachers and examining body are indulge in leaking out question papers. Doctors prescribe unnecessary medicines and pathology examinations for commissions. Traders are engaged in overcharging, adulteration and underweighting. Government officials take bribe for doing or sanctioning any work or contracts. Scams in banks, financial institutions, sports, defense department, religious places, government projects are the order of the day. Hence, it has become biggest threat to the social and economical development of India. There is tremendous loss of national wealth due to various scams. In order to cure society from this deadly social pathology.