A PID Parameter Tuning Method Based on the Improved QUATRE Algorithm

Zhuo-Qiang Zhao, Shi-Jian Liu, Jeng-Shyang Pan
2021 Algorithms  
The PID (proportional–integral–derivative) controller is the most widely used control method in modern engineering control because it has the characteristics of a simple algorithm structure and easy implementation. The traditional PID controller, in the face of complex control objects, has been unable to meet the expected requirements. The emergence of the intelligent algorithm makes intelligent control widely usable. The Quasi-Affine Transformation Evolutionary (QUATRE) algorithm is a new
more » ... rithm is a new evolutionary algorithm. Compared with other intelligent algorithms, the QUATRE algorithm has a strong global search ability. To improve the accuracy of the algorithm, the adaptive mechanism of online adjusting control parameters was introduced and the linear population reduction strategy was adopted to improve the performance of the algorithm. The standard QUATRE algorithm, particle swarm optimization algorithm and improved QUATRE algorithm were tested by the test function. The experimental results verify the advantages of the improved QUATRE algorithm. The improved QUATRE algorithm was combined with PID parameters, and the simulation results were compared with the PID parameter tuning method based on the particle swarm optimization algorithm and standard QUATRE algorithm. From the experimental results, the control effect of the improved QUATRE algorithm is more effective.
doi:10.3390/a14060173 fatcat:fa33tyju6jdchkcey3eq37rvae