Harmonium: Asymmetric, Bandstitched UWB for Fast, Accurate, and Robust Indoor Localization

Benjamin Kempke, Pat Pannuto, Prabal Dutta
2016 2016 15th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN)  
We introduce Harmonium, a novel ultra-wideband RF localization architecture that achieves decimeter-scale accuracy indoors. Harmonium strikes a balance between tag simplicity and processing complexity to provide fast and accurate indoor location estimates. Harmonium uses only commodity components and consists of a small, inexpensive, lightweight, and FCCcompliant ultra-wideband transmitter or tag, fixed infrastructure anchors with known locations, and centralized processing that calculates the
more » ... ag's position. Anchors employ a new frequencystepped narrowband receiver architecture that rejects narrowband interferers and extracts high-resolution timing information without the cost or complexity of traditional ultra-wideband approaches. In a complex indoor environment, 90% of position estimates obtained with Harmonium exhibit less than 31 cm of error with an average 9 cm of inter-sample noise. In non-line-ofsight conditions (i.e. through-wall), 90% of position error is less than 42 cm. The tag draws 75 mW when actively transmitting, or 3.9 mJ per location fix at the 19 Hz update rate. Tags weigh 3 g and cost $4.50 USD at modest volumes. Harmonium introduces a new design point for indoor localization and enables localization of small, fast objects such as micro quadrotors, devices previously restricted to expensive optical motion capture systems.
doi:10.1109/ipsn.2016.7460675 dblp:conf/ipsn/KempkePD16 fatcat:aqdkguj4ebhpfno3bmpyfzt2w4