MODULAR PROPORTIONING ANALYSIS OF RESPECTIVE DIMENSIONS IN BRACKET COMPLEX : Characteristic of the modular proportioning of bracket complex in "Kamakura Zoei Myomoku" Part 1
斗〓各部寸法の木割分析 : 『鎌倉造営名目』における斗〓木割の特質 その1

2006 Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)  
The characteristic of the modular proportioning of a bracket complex written in " Kasnakura Zoei Myomoku " which had been fbmled in l6 to l7century is to regard the bracket arm as a important member of modular proportiening , and to allocate other dimensions by using width , height and 1巳ngth ofit as a standard dimensio 眄 . Abou 亡perpendicular dimensions , each members edge gets on the base Iine that pulled every t ' braoket am height * 112 「 ' by taking a simple coeMcicnt f ( ) r allocation of
more » ... dimensions . This result is equat to the compesition of bracket complex ofZen Buddhism sanctum building ofthe Midd 且 eAges in Japan . K のpvordS :Carpenter ' S technique 〃 manual , Modular proportioning , Kamakura Zoei Myomoktt , Bracket CO 〃 i ρ lex, Zen budtth ism styte
doi:10.3130/aija.71.143_3 fatcat:euohxqb2obaxfgevit5ruxbroa