A Novel Real-Time Moving Target Tracking and Path Planning System for a Quadrotor UAV in Unknown Unstructured Outdoor Scenes

Yisha Liu, Qunxiang Wang, Huosheng Hu, Yuqing He
2018 IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man & Cybernetics. Systems  
A quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) should have the ability to perform real-time target tracking and path planning simultaneously even when the target enters unstructured scenes, such as groves or forests. To accomplish this task, a novel system framework is designed and proposed to accomplish simultaneous moving target tracking and path planning by a quadrotor UAV with an onboard embedded computer, vision sensors, and a two-dimensional laser scanner. A support vector machine-based target
more » ... screening algorithm is deployed to select the correct target from multiple candidates detected by single shot multibox detector. Furthermore, a new tracker named TLD-KCF is presented in this paper, in which a conditional scale adaptive algorithm is adopted to improve the tracking performance for a quadrotor UAV in cluttered outdoor environments. According to distance and position estimation for a moving target, our quadrotor UAV can acquire a control point to guide its fight. To reduce the computational burden, a fast path planning algorithm is proposed based on elliptical tangent model. A series of experiments are conducted on our quadrotor UAV platform DJI M100. Experimental video and comparison results among four kinds of target tracking algorithms are given to show the validity and practicality of the proposed approach. Index Terms-Path planning, quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), real-time target tracking, unstructured outdoor scenes.
doi:10.1109/tsmc.2018.2808471 fatcat:eltsuhaoezb7bfguvjx3eww4m4