The Fourth International Conference of the American States

Henry White
1911 The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science  
The promotion of friendship and closer relations with Latin-America is not a new subject to me. On the contrary, it is one, the vast importance of which to our interests and to those of the countries in question I have long realized, and its importance will be immeasurably increased with the opening of the Panama Canal. For years past I have availed myself of every opportunity to cultivate the friendship of the diplomatic representatives accredited from the other American republics to the
more » ... y in which I happened for the time being to represent the United States, and to make them feel that they shared with me the honor of representing America as a whole. The result of this was not only the creation of a strong feeling of American solidarity among us all, the moral effect of which was beneficial to our respective interests in the particular foreign country to which we were accredited, but it also enabled me to realize how earnestly all the best elements in the different countries of Latin-America desire closer relations with the United States and the chief obstacles which exist to the complete realization of that desire. It is deeply to be regretted that those vast fields for lucrative investment to the south of us-particularly in the far South-have unfortunately attracted little or no attention among our own people, and it is a source of delight and satisfaction to me which I can but inadequately express, to realize that at last we have begun to turn our attention, as a nation, to this most important subject, and that representatives of distinguished commercial bodies from all sections of the country are here in conference assembled to discuss it seriously. Well, gentlemen, greatly as the importance of our relations with countries to the south of us had previously impressed itself 1 Address delivered at the Pan-American Commercial Conference, Washington, D. C., February 17, 1911.
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