Pressure-Dependent Relaxation in the Photoexcited Mott InsulatorET–F2TCNQ: Influence of Hopping and Correlations on Quasiparticle Recombination Rates

M. Mitrano, G. Cotugno, S. R. Clark, R. Singla, S. Kaiser, J. Stähler, R. Beyer, M. Dressel, L. Baldassarre, D. Nicoletti, A. Perucchi, T. Hasegawa (+3 others)
2014 Physical Review Letters  
Femtosecond relaxation of photo-excited quasiparticles in the one dimensional Mott insulator ET-F2TCNQ are measured as a function of external pressure, which is used to tune the electronic structure. By fitting the static optical properties and measuring femtosecond decay times at each pressure value, we correlate the relaxation rates with the electronic bandwidth t and on the intersite correlation energy V. The scaling of relaxation times with microscopic parameters is different than for
more » ... and semiconductors. The competition between localization and delocalization of the Mott-Hubbard exciton dictates the efficiency of the decay, as exposed by a fit based on the solution of the time-dependent extended Hubbard Hamiltonian.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.112.117801 pmid:24702420 fatcat:zy2xdadiqffsvnafyfhcwqqcxu