Space positional and motion SRC effects: A comparison with the use of reaction time distribution analysis

Piotr Strykowiec, Remigiusz Szczepanowski
2013 Advances in Cognitive Psychology  
stimulus-response correspondence, simon effect, space positional src effect, motion src effect, rt distribution analysis the analysis of reaction time (rt) distributions has become a recognized standard in studies on the stimulus response correspondence (src) effect as it allows exploring how this effect changes as a function of response speed. in this study, we compared the spatial src effect (the classic simon effect) with the motion src effect using rt distribution analysis. Four experiments
more » ... s. Four experiments were conducted, in which we manipulated factors of space position and motion for stimulus and response, in order to obtain a clear distinction between positional src and motion src. results showed that these two types of src effects differ in their rt distribution functions as the space positional src effect showed a decreasing function, while the motion src showed an increasing function. this suggests that different types of codes underlie these two src effects. Potential mechanisms and processes are discussed. corresponding author: Piotr styrkowiec, institute of Psychology, AbstrAct Keywords doi • 10.5709/acp-0146-5 2013 • volume 9(4) • 202-215 204 than for noncorresponding trials yields a larger difference between congruent and incongruent trials. As this activation dissipates, the
doi:10.5709/acp-0146-5 fatcat:eaf7iykuybfefhdoiiduyd6bju