Geochemical and mineralogical characteristics of calamines from the Olkusz zinc and lead ore district (South Poland)

2019 Geological Quarterly  
1 Adam Mickiewicz Uni ver sity, In sti tute of Ge ol ogy, Krygowskiego 12, 61-680 Poznañ, Poland Swêd, M.K., Duczmal-Czernikiewicz, A., 2019. Geo chem i cal and min er al og i cal char ac ter is tics of cala mines from the Olkusz zinc and lead ore dis trict (South Po land). Geo log i cal Quar terly, 63 (4): 699-710, doi: 10.7306/gq.1492 As so ci ate ed i tor: Tomasz Bajda The min er al og i cal and geo chem i cal char ac ter is tics of cala mines de vel oped from chem i cal weath er ing within
more » ... eath er ing within two dif fer ent tec tonic set tings (tec tonic horst and graben) are de scribed. Cala mines col lected from the Olkusz-Pomorzany and the Boles³aw zinc and lead mines were ana lysed geochemically by means of EMP and SEM-EDS and their min er al og i cal compo si tion was iden ti fied by us ing re flected light mi cros copy and XRD anal y sis. The cala mines from the Olkusz-Pomorzany mine are com posed of marcasite, ga lena, cerussite, sphalerite, hemimorphite, smithsonite and goethite. Hemimorphite prevails over smithsonite and oc curs in the vi cin ity of pri mary sulphides. The min er al og i cal com po si tion of the cala mines from the Boles³aw area is less di verse. These are pri mar ily com posed of goethite and smithsonite, with a mi nor con tent of marcasite and rem nant sphalerite. The min eral com po si tion of weath er ing sites in the Olkusz-Pomorzany and Boles³aw areas may re flect dif fer ent geo chem i cal con di tions (from slightly acidic to al ka line pH val ues, from lower to higher CO 2 par tial pres sure and so lu tions of dif fer ent sil ica sat u ra tion) that could have changed over time. The min er al og i cal com po si tions of the cala mines dif fer quan ti ta tively and this could re flect the tec tonic set ting of the pri mary ore af fect ing the rate of chem i cal weath er ing.
doi:10.7306/gq.1492 fatcat:unjsdqddijhnlnciusc2wsanpq