Experimental Study and Modelling of Plastic Deformation of Cemented Carbide Tools in Turning

Anders Nordgren, Baktash Zargari Samani, Rachid Mʹ Saoubi
2014 Procedia CIRP  
The plastic deformation of coated cemented carbide cutting tools was investigated. Testing methods were developed for the experimental determination of the high-temperature strength of cemented carbide (compressive strength, creep resistance). CVD-coated cemented carbide inserts were tested in continuous turning of quenched and tempered steel (AISI 4340). Cutting forces and edge temperature distributions were measured in 2D orthogonal turning. Normal stress distributions on the tool surface
more » ... estimated from measured cutting forces and tool-chip contact lengths. These data, together with measured high-temperature strength data for the cemented carbide, were introduced into a finite element model (ANSYS). The agreement between the predicted deformation and the experimental results was acceptable. The difference between the simulated and measured flank width on deformed cutting edges was approximately 15%. It has been demonstrated that numerical methods (FE) provide an opportunity to describe the effect of cutting conditions and tool material properties on tool behaviour quantitatively and in a systematic manner.
doi:10.1016/j.procir.2014.03.021 fatcat:yir47aisrbbxvdgxdmvlskgzbu