The Observation on the Intrinsic Attribute of 'la Différant Images' Expressed the Changeability of Fashion Style
패션스타일의 가변성에 나타난 차연적 이미지들의 특성 고찰

Shinmi Park
2014 Fashion & Textile Research Journal  
The aim of this research is to classify intrinsic attribution of 'la différance images' which are core propositions of changeability of fashion style. The specific questions of this research are; what are the definition of 'changeability of fashion', 'la différance' and 'supplement' and what are the relationships?, how the la différance images which are intrinsic of changeability of fashion style exist? and what is intrinsic attribution of 'ultimate la différant image', 'immediate la différant
more » ... mage' and 'la différant image of the trace'? The researchers deployed a qualitative research method providing a systematic review of the previous studies. In conclusion, the 'supplement' phenomenon and 'la différant images' shown in the changeability of fashion style, covers up the gap between the structural layers through the play led by supplement logic in the subconscious place of la différance of dialectical frame. They produce styles that have current value and become generalized la différant images of trace through the play of 'la dissemination.' These images repeat their individual play to reproduce a new different 'la différant images' and complete the aesthetics of harmony in the state of 'reservation,' 'deferment' and 'postponement'. The images are ready to make history and they create 'ultimate la différant images' from the demand of different period, and tries to combine with 'supplement' within 'the gap of la différance.' This process endlessly repeats in the dialectical frame through the la différant' play led by time and space, and it continuously produces new style that is required by different time and space.
doi:10.5805/sfti.2014.16.5.680 fatcat:4i6a6vcicbhmtoveocuibhyl2q