Evapotranspiration and Quantitative Partitioning of Spring Maize with Drip Irrigation under Mulch in an Arid Region of Northwestern China

Chenggong Xuan, Risheng Ding, Jie Shao, Yanshuo Liu
2021 Water  
To examine evapotranspiration (ETc), soil evaporation (Es), and transpiration (Tr), and partitioning of ETc, a two-year field experiment was carried out in a maize field with drip irrigation under mulch in an arid region of northwestern China in 2017 and 2018. In the experiment we designed two treatments with full irrigation (T1) and growth stage-based strategic regulated deficit irrigation (T2). The applied irrigation of T2 was 40% of the T1 during both late vegetative and reproductive growth
more » ... tages. Based on the measurements of soil water content (SWC) and Tr, a dual crop coefficient model (SIMDualKc) was calibrated and validated, and daily ETc, Es, and Tr were estimated. The model can simulate well the dynamic variations of SWC and Tr. The calibrated basic crop coefficient at the initial, mid-season, and end growth stages was 0.2, 1.15, and 0.75, respectively. The ETc was 507.9 and 519.1 mm for the T1 treatment, and 428.9 and 430.9 mm for the T2 treatment. The ratios of Tr to ETc were higher for the two treatments, ~90%, for two years. Collectively, both drip irrigation under mulch and strategic deficit irrigation after canopy covering of the ground can significantly reduce the ineffective proportion of ETc and Es.
doi:10.3390/w13223169 fatcat:ip7vdgpkofa4lotfau6l7hypya