On the varying quantities of malt albumenoids extraced by waters of different types

1883 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
gciierntly sunicicnt to nllow cnougli of tlie solution to 1 TO illustrntc tlic npplicnbility of tlic spccilic grnvit IIOW for 0110 clctcrniination of tho strcngtli. i fnctor.9, supposc wc w i s~ to tlctcriiiitic tlie strciigtl As with tlic nniiiionin, for cncli soIut.ion tlirco of n .qohtioii Iinving n spccific gravity of 1*103 nt dctcrniinntions of tlic strcnct.11 \\'CL'C iiinclc. and tlic 19" C. ~)~n c c , 'wilcro tlio wtcm , c r n t G fcIl bc~ow 150 C., refilling tlic bottlc,niic1 nllowing
more » ... i c tciiipcixtiirc torisc vcry slowly uiitil tlic requircd tlcgrcc was obtaincd. T h o stopper was instantly iiscd, thc ovcrllowiiig liquid rupitlly dried with blotting pnpcr and tho bottlc \vcigliecl. A co-cflicictit for tlic csl)nnsioii wns nlso found in tlic cnsc of cach solution. hftcr tho ivcigliings for tho spccific gravity lind bccn iiindc, tlic tctii~~crnturo was twicc brought to 23" C., niid tlic bottlo wcighctl, niid oncc to 15" C., niitl ngnin wciglicd. Proni cncli of tho tlircc wcigliinqs tlic nbsolatc cspnnsion for 1" C. mns found, niitl from tlic iiicnn tlic co-cfliciciit for 1' C. was cnlciilntcd. Tlic following table gives tlic rcsiilts of tho dircct cs~~criiiicnts, nftcr innlcing tlic ncccssnry corrcctio~is for tlieodcnsity of wntcr niid tlic \ \~i g l i t of air in tho s )ccilic gmvity bott~o by incnns of ~i o~i~r n u s c~i ' s roriiiuln :-Tlic co-cfliciciits of osi)niisioii rcprcscnt tlic (lccrciiicnts in ivciglit of ti10 solutions wlicii t~r o tc~iipcrnturc is rniscd 1' C., tlic w i g h t a t 15" C. bcing tnkcii ns unity, nnd arc only strictly n ilicnblc to tompcrntures ran ing from 150 to S~~C r . ' It is iiot diliicult froin tteso co-cnjcicnts to dctcriiiiiic factors for tho dccrcnsc of spccific grnvity wlicti thc tciiipcrnturc is rnised 1 ' C., from wliicli tlic specific gixvity for tcinpcrnturcs otlicr tlrnii 15" Q iirny LO cnlculntcd to tlint dcg:r~c, niid thus tlic strcngtli fount]. 111 tlic followin.. tnblc, wliicll givca tho pcrccntngcs of niiitiiOiiiuiii cnizonntc iti solutions iinving spccilic gmvitics in tcrni;,of dcgrccs 'l'wndtlcll, tltcso fnctora arc introduccd. llicy Iinvo bcen cnlciilntcd to tlic iicnrcst figure in thc fourth place of dcciiiinls, niitl, ns , riso rc~ularly from '0008 to 'WOi :-llllly bo SCC
doi:10.1002/jctb.5000020211 fatcat:q4ysvejfezb4tpvsov4swy3tty