Transferencia Plasmidial de Multirresistencia en Cepas Enteropatógenas de Escherichia Coli Serogrupo 0111

Eliana Bustos M, Miriam Troncoso H, Soledad Toledo B, Guillermo Figueroa G
1985 Revista chilena de pediatría  
Enteropatogenas de Escherichia Coli Serogrupo 0111 T.M. M. ElianaBustosM.;T.M. Miriam Troncoso H.; M.A. M. Soledad Toledo B.; T.M, Guillermo Figueroa G. Transference of multiresistance to antibiotics by plasmids in enteropathogenic 0111 E. Coli. .Susceptibility to antibiotics was studied in 38 strains of enteiopathogenic E. coli 0111 obtained from children under 2 years of age, 29 of these were obtained from patients with acute diarrhoea and the remainder from asymptomatic children. Fifty five
more » ... ildren. Fifty five percent of the strains were resistant to three or more antibiotics: 100%of these were resistant to ampicillin, 90% to kanamycin and caibenicillin, approximately 80% to streptomycin and cephalothin but they were all sensitive to fuiazolidone and 90% to gentamicin. In vitro conjugation tests showed that 34% of the multiresistant strains were capable of transfeiing 2 to 6 resistance traits. Molecular weights of plasmids associated to transference ranged between 41 and 80 Megadaltons (Md), but among the strains isolated from patients with acute diarrhoea there was a clear predominance of 54 to 55 Md plasmids. No differences were demonstrated in the frecuency of multiresistance and/or the transference capacity of strains isolated from patients with diarrhoea and those coming from asymptomatic children. (
doi:10.4067/s0370-41061985000600009 fatcat:cazk34csrrbyxclnkhkg4rdcge