Notes and Queries

1884 Scientific American  
No attention will be paid 1,0 commulll cations unless accompanied with the full name and address of the writer. Namesand addresses of correspondents will not be gi ven to in q IIi rers . We renew our request that correspondents, in referring to former answers or articles, will be kind enough to name tl.e date of ;;he paper ami the page, or the numoer of the question. Correspondents whose inquiries do not appear after a reasonable time should repeat them. It not then pub lished, they may
more » ... d, they may conclude tilat, for good reasons, the Editor declines tilem. Persons desiring special information which is purely of a personal character, and nOt of general interest; sbould remit from $1 to $5, according to the suoject, as we cannot be expecte!i to spend time anti lahor to obtain st1ch information without remuoeration .
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05171884-315 fatcat:36o5hw7dtbenboitduhbnsjd7m