Impact Factor: 5.2 IJAR

Ilayaraja Selvaraj, Ilayaraja Selvaraj, Arun Sha, Niraj Dahe, Karikhalan
2015 unpublished
Wildlife SOS runs wildlife rescue helpline in and around Agra city where the team usually gets call from public for any wildlife rescue. Likewise an injured male Palm civet was rescued and found severe injuries all over the body, so the same was brought to our wildlife hospital for treatment. The animal was highly stressed and had multiple bite marks all over the body. The radiographic examination revealed fracture of maxilla and other bones were intact. The wounds were cleaned and dressed.
more » ... ed and dressed. Necessary antibiotic and anti-inflammatories were administered. We planned the surgery to fix the fracture after stabilizing the health condition. But the animal started showing convulsion and died on second day. Since the animal had multiple bite mark on the body we wanted to rule out rabies. The Post-mortem examination revealed severe internal haemorrhage and contusion. Kidney and spleen were congested. Liver congested and discolored with mosaic appearance, gall bladder is filled with bile. All representative tissue samples were collected from the visceral organ for histopathological examination. However no marked abnormalities noticed in brain macroscopically, sample collected for detail histopathological examination to rule out rabies. The histopathological examination of brain tissue not revealed any negri body thus confirmed no Rabies. But the histopathology examination of liver under hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining revealed amyloid deposition in the intertitium thus suggesting amyloidosis. Hence the condition confirmed as amyloidosis induced hepatopathy.