Aerodynamic Design of a Martian Micro Air Vehicle

Herve BEZARD, Thibault DESERT, Jean-Marc MOSCHETTA, Thierry JARDIN
This paper presents a numerical and experimental study of the aerodynamic characteristics of a VTOL micro air vehicle designed to fly on Mars. A blade airfoil is optimized for compressible and ultra-low Reynolds number flows. It is evaluated using unsteady laminar Navier-Stokes simulations. Isolated and coaxial rotors are designed using a free wake lifting line method and are evaluated using NavierStokes solvers. Optimized rotors are evaluated experimentally in the ONERA\'s low pressure tank,
more » ... ow pressure tank, recreating Martian atmosphere. A set-up developed by ISAE-SUPAERO provides thrust and torque measurements, up to blade tip transonic flow conditions.
doi:10.13009/eucass2019-217 fatcat:4c4thiptyjavtjrctcvkgcoajy