Selection of AFLP markers linked with crown rust resistance in Lolium: efficiency of bulk segregant analysis in an Allogamous species

H. Muylle, E. van Bockstaele, I. Roldan-Ruiz
2002 Plant Protection Science  
Ryegrasses are important forage species. An important foliar disease in Lolium is crown rust, caused by the fungus Puccinia<br />coronata. This cosmopolitan biotrophic fungus causes forage and seed losses, and decoloration of amenity grasslands.<br />In breeding towards resistant cultivars, it is important to know the mode of inheritance of crown rust resistance. A pair<br />cross between a susceptible and a resistant plant resulted in a F1 population segregating for rust resistance. According
more » ... o<br />the segregation data, major genes were assumed to encode for crown rust resistance. In a bulk segregant analysis (BSA)<br />187 primer combinations revealed AFLP markers linked with resistance. Two groups of genetically unlinked markers<br />were identified, explaining together 35% of the phenotypic variation.
doi:10.17221/10345-pps fatcat:p5bsj3jigrdx3nde35hq5n5c2m