Undecidability of L(𝒜)=L(ℬ) recognized by measure many 1-way quantum automata [article]

Tianrong Lin
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Let L_>λ(𝒜) and L_≥λ(𝒜) be the languages recognized by measure many 1-way quantum finite automata (MMQFA) (or,enhanced 1-way quantum finite automata(EQFA)) 𝒜 with strict, resp. non-strict cut-point λ. We consider the languages equivalence problem, showing that * both strict and non-strict languages equivalence are undecidable; * to do this, we provide an additional proof of the undecidability of non-strict and strict emptiness of MMQFA(EQFA), and then reducing the languages equivalence problem
more » ... o emptiness problem; * Finally, some other Propositions derived from the above results are collected.
arXiv:1308.3301v11 fatcat:ybm6yonqojftxhos6qopwnh2li