Laboratory Study on Active Aging Oil Plugging Agent

Shasha Liu, Yanru Zhang, Haijun Yan, Gang Xie, Cheng Lu, Jizhe Jing, Aijun Wei, Zhonghai Qin, Lei Shi
2020 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering  
Aging oil refers to the stable emulsion of crude oil formed by emulsification that cannot be treated by conventional surfactants due to the influence of bacteria, chemical agents, self asphaltene and colloid in the process of crude oil exploitation, transportation and processing. There is a large amount of aging oil stored in the joint station of the production plant in Huabei oilfield, which not only causes certain harm to the gathering and transportation system, but also brings heavy
more » ... ings heavy environmental burden to the oilfield. In this study, on the basis of physical property analysis of aging oil samples, the properties of aging oil and emulsifying resin plugging agent were compared. And the water plugging principle of emulsion resin was used for reference. The system of active aging oil plugging agent is constructed by experiment. Core displacement experimental evaluation shows that active aging oil core water plugging rate was 98%, the breakthrough pressure gradient was 26 MPa.m -1 , and it has good plugging effect.
doi:10.1088/1757-899x/729/1/012024 fatcat:qvgmnpda6ngltpm7gl3mgwhciu