Endophytes: As Potential Biocontrol Agent—Review and Future Prospects

Romana Anjum, Muneeb Afzal, Raheel Baber, Muhammad Ather Javed Khan, Wasima Kanwal, Wajiha Sajid, Asfand Raheel
2019 Journal of Agricultural Science  
Endophytes are the microbes residing internally in the host tissues without causing visible disease symptoms. They have found involved in a balanced interaction with the plants and providing benefits such as, growth enhancement and disease resistance. In this review we hypothesize that endophytes can be employed as a potential biocontrol agent, as biocontrol is becoming most suitable disease management strategy due to its health and environment conservational benefits. This aspect of endophytes
more » ... should be consider, there are several investigations that have revealed and proved the role of endophytes as best biocontrol agent. Mutualistic interaction of endophytes involve different mechanisms, as it may trigger certain genes involved in induced systemic resistance (ISR) that may initiate defense mechanism against attack of pathogens or by formulating secondary metabolites and other chemical compounds that are directly toxic to the pathogens. There is a need to explore the endophytic interaction and its mechanism of causing disease resistance more precisely.
doi:10.5539/jas.v11n4p113 fatcat:bz7cdj4xz5aylbaxi4dzhijpte