Homogeneity Chemical Analysis of Four Bulge Globular Clusters

Cesar Munoz, Doug Geisler, Sandro Villanova, Ivo Saviane
2019 Zenodo  
The Bulge Globular Clusters (GCs) are key tracers of this central ancient component of our Galaxy. It is essential to understand their formation and evolution to study that of the bulge, as well as their relationship with the other Galactic GC systems (halo and disk GCs). Our main goals are to obtain detailed abundances for a large sample of red giant members of each GCs of our sample: NGC~6440, NGC~6528, NGC~6553 and NGC~6569, in order to characterize its chemical composition and study the
more » ... n and study the relationship of these GCs with the bulge, and with other bulge, halo and disk GCs. Moreover, we analyze these cluster's behavior associated with the Multiple Populations (MPs) phenomenon. We obtained the stellar parameters and chemical abundances of light elements, iron-peak elements, alpha-elements and heavy elements for all the star in each GC from our sample using high resolution spectroscopy from FLAMES-UVES. In this talk we will present the most important findings of our research.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2595375 fatcat:2leu7m6xyvc3jngcbjpmjz35zi