A 182 bp fragment of the mouse pro alpha 1(II) collagen gene is sufficient to direct chondrocyte expression in transgenic mice

G Zhou, S Garofalo, K Mukhopadhyay, V Lefebvre, C N Smith, H Eberspaecher, B de Crombrugghe
1995 Journal of Cell Science  
Type II collagen is a major chondrocyte-specific component of the cartilage extracellular matrix and it represents a typical differentiation marker of mature chondrocytes. In order to delineate cis-acting elements of the mouse pro alpha 1(II) collagen gene that control chondrocyte-specific expression in intact mouse embryos, we generated transgenic mice harboring chimeric constructions in which varying lengths of the promoter and intron 1 sequences were linked to a beta-galactosidase reporter
more » ... ne. A construction containing a 3,000 bp promoter and a 3,020 bp intron 1 fragment directed high levels of beta-galactosidase expression specifically to chondrocytes. Expression of the transgene coincided with the temporal expression of the endogenous gene at all stages of embryonic development. Successive deletions of intron 1 delineated a 182 bp fragment which targeted beta-galactosidase expression to chondrocytes with the same specificity as the larger intron 1 fragment. Transgenic mice harboring a 309 bp Col2a1 promoter lacking intron 1 tester sequences showed no beta-galactosidase expression in chondrocytes. Reduction of the 182 bp fragment to a 73 bp subfragment surrounding a decamer sequence previously reported to be involved in chondrocyte specificity, resulted in loss of transgene expression in chondrocytes. When the Col2a1 promoter was replaced with a minimal beta-globin promoter, the 182 bp intron 1 sequence was still able to target expression of the transgene to chondrocytes. We conclude that a 182 bp intron 1 DNA segment of the mouse Col2a1 gene contains the necessary information to confer high-level, temporally correct, chondrocyte expression on a reporter gene in intact mouse embryos and that Col2a1 promoter sequences are dispensable for chondrocyte expression.
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