Human Rights and Law Enforcement

Fransiska Novita Eleanora, Andang Sari
2019 Lambung Mangkurat Law Journal  
Humans born into the world have declared their rights and naturalrights as gifts from the Almighty, God and every State must recognize them aslegal subjects who must always be respected and protected to realize human valueswell. Therefore; no one can or can act negatively, including the state or even theauthorities or the government. Conceptually, a country that is expected to realizeit is only a legal state that is considered legitimate and adheres to the notion ofdemocracy, namely democracy
more » ... namely democracy will become a rule and law. The realization of therule of law is to take action against perpetrators who are proven to have committedcrimes and human rights violations. This paper explains that there are still manycases of gross violations of human rights that have not been clearly revealed andthe perpetrators have not been given appropriate punishment, by giving sanctionsto the perpetrators, so that law enforcement is not realized. The embodiment ofthe rule of law is that it can capture cases of gross violators of human rights andconvict the perpetrators in accordance with the laws that apply in accordance withthe characteristics of the rule of law. The problem is whether law enforcement hasbeen realized especially in human rights violations and can be resolved throughnegotiation, conciliation and mediation.
doi:10.32801/lamlaj.v4i1.100 fatcat:uwdvc4orr5ewpkpggegu5dawsq