Nurhak Cem DEDEBAL
2018 Turkish Studies  
Nurhak Cem DEDEBAL -Ulaş KUBAT -Fevzi DURSUN Turkish Studies Volume 13/27, Fall 2018 kurma, mesleki gelişim, model olma, öğrenciye göre öğretim, yöntemleri uygulama vb.) öğretmen özellikleri vurgulanmıştır. Öğretmenlik mesleğinin insan odaklı, manevi, toplumsal, yoğun çalışma ve yenilik gerektirme gibi özellikleri ön plana çıkmıştır. ABSTRACT All elements must be qualified for the quality of the educationtraining process. The teachers come at the forefront of factors that determine the quality
more » ... ermine the quality of education in this process. The qualities expected to be able to raise qualified teachers or to be qualified teachers are one of the most important things to think about today. In this research, I aim to examine the opinions of some faculty members of Gaziosmanpasa and Sinop universities about the skills that a qualified teacher must have. The study employs survey methods. The study were collected through qualitative research.The research datas contain the following open-ended questions: 1. What are the skills that you want to see in a good and qualified teacher? 2. What do you think the the differentiating characteristics are that make profession of teaching different from from other professions? The research is carried out with 31 faculty members who teach at faculties of education of Gaziosmanpaşa and Sinop universities. The research data were collected by the researchers through preliminary interviews with those faculty members by presenting them all necessary explanations beforehand. In order to enable the faculty members easily express what they would like to express in this matter, the data were collected by interviewing them using an open-ended interview form. The creation of the data collection tool has benefited from the existing literature and specialists' opinions. A total of three specialists (two from Education Programs and Teaching, and one from Education Management Department) were interviewed and pre-trial practice was carried out with five faculty members. After some revisions have been made in the preliminary results, it has been given its final form. The data were collected from the faculty members who voluntarily agreed to participate in the survey. In the analysis of the data, a descriptive content analysis method was used. According to the findings of the research, as the qualifications of a teacher are emphasized, , communicating, professional development, modeling, teaching according to the students, applying the methods, etc.). They pointed out the characteristics of the teaching profession such as human-oriented, spiritual, social, intensive study and innovation. STRUCTURED ABSTRACT Introduction All elements must be qualified for the quality of the educationtraining process. Teacher quality has become a key Word reiterated in many discourses, policies and pTeaching is a challenge that requires long Nurhak Cem DEDEBAL -Ulaş KUBAT -Fevzi DURSUN Turkish Studies Volume 13/27, Fall 2018
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.14582 fatcat:ftof7x2xjnftfl6azkywnzmbci