Theoretical Substantiation of the Use of Sildenafil in the Treatment of Chronic Prostatitis

Yurii Gurzhenko, Volodymyr Spyrydonenko
2021 Health of Man  
Every year, the number of patients with chronic prostatitis (CP) in the world is increasing and improving the effectiveness of treatment of this pathology is becoming a priority topic in modern urology. One of the complications of CP is sexual dysfunction, primarily premature ejaculation, as well as erectile dysfunction (ED). Treatment of CP and its sexual complications is an individual and complex complication. It is undeniable that sildenafil citrate plays an important role in the treatment
more » ... ED as a complication of CP. The hypothetical mechanism of the effectiveness of PDE-5 in CP is mediated by the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the ducts of the software, the effect of increasing the drainage of the components that are formed due to reflux in the interstitial tissue. The above phenomenon can suppress inflammation and cause a reduction in prostatic symptoms. Increased activity of NO-synthetase and PDE-5 in the tissues of PO promotes the formation of muscle relaxant effects, drainage of the acinus, reduced activity of the autonomic nervous system and activation of vascular circulation in the PVC and structures of the lower urinary tract. Current scientific evidence indicates that PDE-5 inhibitors can improve lower urinary tract symptoms by relaxing bladder smooth muscle fibers and PO, by signaling NO / cGMPc, or by improving RhoA / Rho kinase. Some results suggest that in addition to the effects of reducing the hyperactivity of the autonomic nervous system, dilation of cavernous vessels and antiproliferative effect, PDE-5 have a direct anti-inflammatory effect, increasing the level of cGMP. The accumulation of the latter can inhibit inflammation and can be a potential mechanism for preventing the development of diseases in which inflammation plays a central role. Given that inflammation is a major factor in the progression of CP, sildenafil citrate is able to restore PO function because they act as potent anti-inflammatory drugs. Thus, PDE-5 inhibitors can not only mediate smooth muscle relaxation, but can also directly reduce inflammation in the software by increasing cGMP levels. Based on theoretical data on the positive effect of sildenafil on the erectile component and symptoms of the lower urinary tract in persons with CP with complications such as ED, it can be considered that the inclusion of sildenafil citrate in sequential standard therapy for CP reduces indicators of erectile function. The appointment of sildenafil citrate in patients with complications of CP in the form of ED improves the quality of erections in patients, and also has a positive effect on various other indicators of male sexual function (enhances orgasm, increases the duration of sexual intercourse).
doi:10.30841/2307-5090.2.2021.237543 fatcat:xltsuowym5fv7dafeu65cl37ra