Segmentation and Classification of Histologocal Structures in H and E Stained Images

S.B.Pawar ., V.S.Gaikwad .
2018 International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering  
This paper compares the effects of colour pre-processing on the classification performance of H&E-stained images. Variations in the tissue preparation procedures, acquisition systems, stain conditions and reagents are all source of artifacts that can affect negatively computerbased classification. Pre-processing methods such as colour constancy, transfer and deconvolution have been proposed to compensate the artifacts. In this paper we compare quantitatively the combined effect of six colour
more » ... ct of six colour pre-processing procedures and 12 colour texture descriptors on patch-based classification of H&E-stained images. We found that colour pre-processing had negative effects on accuracy in most cases -particularly when used with colour descriptors. However, some pre-processing procedures proved beneficial when employed in conjunction with classic texture descriptors such as co-occurrence matrices, Gabor filters and Local Binary Patterns.
doi:10.26438/ijcse/v6i7.869873 fatcat:2wfjuh6stzaclidnp77tn4a2r4