Morphological variation of the newly confirmed population of the Javelin sand boa, Eryx jaculus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Serpentes, Erycidae) in Sicily, Italy

Francesco P. Faraone, Salvatore Russotto, Salvatore A. Barra, Roberto Chiara, Gabriele Giacalone, Mario Lo Valvo
The presence of the Javelin sand boa in Sicily has recently been confirmed. Here the morphological characters and sexual dimorphism of the Sicilian population of Eryx jaculus are presented. Seven meristic and six metric characters in 96 specimens from Sicily were examined. The results show that tail length, snout-vent length, the distance between nostrils and the number of ventral and subcaudal scales are different between sexes. The characters found in the Sicilian population of the Javelin
more » ... n of the Javelin sand boa resemble those of the African population (ssp. jaculus) rather than the Eurasian population (ssp. turcicus), but biomolecular studies are necessary to understand its taxonomic identity.
doi:10.13128/a_h-7752 fatcat:6vk253pjobcdbljtcokuk6yn4u