Book Review: The Aging-Disability Nexus

Yvonne Wallace
2021 Anthropology & Aging  
Diverse forms of physical and cognitive impairment are often considered a natural part of the aging process, yet at the same time, notions of 'good' old age-or successful aging-are considered only for those who succeed in avoiding impairment and falling into 'old age' (Gibbons 2016; Minkler and Fadem 2002) . The relationship between aging, illness, and impairment is indeed complex (Solimeo 2008), making the recent publication of The Aging-Disability Nexus, edited by Katie Aubrecht, Christine
more » ... ly, and Carla Rice, a welcome contribution to the distinct yet related fields of aging and disability studies. This book shows the theoretical, social, and political significance of examining both common ground and difference between age and disability. This analytical endeavour helps counter ageist and ableist assumptions about people aging into disability as well as about people with disabilities who age. As the editors suggest, "creative and generative possibilities emerge when aging is situated in a disability politics and when interpretations of disability take account of the weaving of material, social, and cultural relations in and through which the meanings of bodies as young or old are made and unmade" (5).
doi:10.5195/aa.2021.367 fatcat:5ykbwad6m5ahzepn7tyarxovxe