What is Open if not Open Access? Tracing a Genealogy of "Open" in Anthropology

Katharine Herman
"Open" has necessarily shifted in meaning since emerging from the open source movement to open access, which introduces the possibility for a more flexible understanding of what qualifies as open. Since the advent of open access in the context of academic publishing, "OA" itself has become commodified and narrowed to almost singularly refer to "a freely accessible PDF" despite a rich and varied history of experimental projects. Tracing the many affinities and differences among such experimental
more » ... projects offers a new history, and potentially a new future, for the open access movement. From an alternative genealogy, I hope to generate new foci for later open access projects in anthropology through a more expansive concept of open.
doi:10.17615/wmz0-tv70 fatcat:e4fiymgpp5fwxl3hucwrappi5q