On Elemental Views from a Thought Experiment: The Marvelous Clouds

Burcu Canar
2015 Momentdergi  
Ongoing debates on designating the discipline of communication (Levy & Gurevitch, 1994) reach almost the same conclusion that communication studies as well as media studies are interdisciplinary studies. Although there is a fruitful convergence among disciplines in the realm of communication, not every field is on the stage in order to establish a connection. Studying communication sciences and philosophy together, for instance, is still quite a rarity. If "we must build linkages between
more » ... ages between communication and other intellectual disciplines" (Shoemaker, 1994, p . 391), we should start thinking differently.
doi:10.17572/mj2015.2.300308 fatcat:aes56u4evff57amdb2njolurrq