Inhomogeneous Structure Formation May Alleviate Need for Accelerating Universe~!2010-04-21~!2010-05-19~!2010-08-13~!

Johan Hansson, Jesper Lindkvist
2010 The Open Astronomy Journal  
When taking the real, inhomogeneous and anisotropic matter distribution in the semi-local universe into account, there may be no need to postulate an accelerating expansion of the universe despite recent type Ia supernova data. Local curvatures must be integrated (over all space) to obtain the global curvature of the universe, which seems to be very close to zero from cosmic microwave background data. As gravitational structure formation creates bound regions of positive curvature, the regions
more » ... n between become negatively curved in order to comply with a vanishing global curvature. The actual dynamics of the universe is altered due to the self-induced inhomogeneities, again more prominently so as structure formation progresses. Furthermore, this negative curvature will increase as a function of time as structure formation proceeds, which mimics the effect of "dark energy" with negative pressure. Hence, the "acceleration" may be merely a mirage. We make a qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis, using newtonian gravity corrected for special relativistic effects, which works surprisingly well, to corroborate and illustrate/visualize these statements. This article may be seen as a plea to start taking seriously the observed inhomogeneous distribution and the nonlinearities of nonperturbative general relativity, and their impact on the dynamics and behavior of the cosmos.
doi:10.2174/1874381101003010145 fatcat:mwyyq2e5eba2vfvzcdm6awrcp4