Why the spin-FET does not work?

A. Dargys
2007 Lithuanian Journal of Physics  
The spin-FET (spin field effect transistor) is the spintronics device the operation of which is based on unique properties of free electron or hole spin in semiconductors. In the spin-FET, the modulation of channel conductance is achieved by control of spin direction via the spin-orbit interaction. The present article, firstly, critically reviews the main difficulties encountered in realizing the spin-FET. Secondly, using the concept of the spin surface, general spin properties of 2D holes in
more » ... es of 2D holes in p-type channel of the FET are considered. The complex nature of the spin surfaces of the ballistic 2D holes is demonstrated. It is shown that in optimizing the spin-FET, in addition to the dispersion law of the channel one should pay a special attention on how the spin surface transforms between spin injector and collector.
doi:10.3952/lithjphys.47202 fatcat:q2pk24y545duvnnsrf2ajhuoeu