BézierGAN: Automatic Generation of Smooth Curves from Interpretable Low-Dimensional Parameters [article]

Wei Chen, Mark Fuge
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Many real-world objects are designed by smooth curves, especially in the domain of aerospace and ship, where aerodynamic shapes (e.g., airfoils) and hydrodynamic shapes (e.g., hulls) are designed. To facilitate the design process of those objects, we propose a deep learning based generative model that can synthesize smooth curves. The model maps a low-dimensional latent representation to a sequence of discrete points sampled from a rational B\'ezier curve. We demonstrate the performance of our
more » ... ethod in completing both synthetic and real-world generative tasks. Results show that our method can generate diverse and realistic curves, while preserving consistent shape variation in the latent space, which is favorable for latent space design optimization or design space exploration.
arXiv:1808.08871v2 fatcat:oth2fvgp4fhgvm5feztf6adyj4