Performance Comparison and Analysis of (HEFSM) and (FEFSM) Using Segmental Rotor Structure

Hassan Ali Soomro, Erwan Sulaiman, Mohd Fairoz Omar
2014 Applied Mechanics and Materials  
This paper presents a new structure of hybrid excitation flux switching motor (HEFSM) using segmental rotor and the comparison of HEFSM and FEFSM using segmental rotor is performed to find the best candidate for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). (HEFSM) using segmental rotor contains both the FEC and PM on the stator to produce maximum flux linkages. Initially, the coil arrangement tests are examined to validate the operating principle of the (HEFSM) using segmental rotor. Moreover the profile of
more » ... flux linkage, cogging torque, and torque characteristics at various armature current densities of both the (HEFSM) and (FEFSM) using segmental rotor are observed based on 2D-finite element analysis (FEA). Initially performances show that HEFSM using segmental rotor produces torque of 18 Nm with low cogging torque and sinusoidal flux waveform. Thus by further design optimization the proposed motor will effectively achieve the target performances.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:a7klkhqypbgc3lt5hzkzax3lem