JSON-Encoded Textual Variance Between the Published Versions of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas in "an Orison of Sonmi ~451"

Martin Paul Eve
2016 Journal of Open Humanities Data  
2) Methods Steps The dataset was created by close-reading the two versions of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas [1, 2] side-byside and making subjective/hermeneutic/interpretational judgements about the functional equivalence, or otherwise, of passages. I then transcribed this into a JSON dictionary. The methodology for this transcription was as follows: 1. Assign a name to each edition (I used "E" and "P" to represent "Electronic" and "Print" respectively). 2. For each "question" posed by the
more » ... posed by the archivist, assign a sequentially incremented identifier. The first question in the P edition, then, becomes PQ1. The second is PQ2 etc. For the Electronic edition, this would be EQ1 and EQ2. 3. For each "answer" or "response" provided by the Fabricant Sonmi ~4 51, assign a sequentially incremented identifier. The first answer in the P edition, then, becomes PR1, the second PR2 etc. In the E edition, this would be ER1 and ER2. This methodology for identifying textual passages works well for this chapter of the novel, since the text is strictly divided into alternating question and answer sections. The final part of the methodology was to match sections between the two editions and to map crossovers. This is the most contestable part of this dataset but a reference table for how this has been achieved can be found in the appendix of the associated article at: http://dx.doi. org/10.16995/olh.82. Those who wish to move from this dataset back to the original text should count questions and responses from the start of the respective edition. Verification that the correct point has been reached can be made with reference to the aforementioned appendix. Sampling strategy The dataset covers the section of Cloud Atlas entitled "An Orison of Sonmi ~4 51" in its entirety. A side-by-side comparison of the texts indicated that this is where the primary differences lie between the versions. Quality Control
doi:10.5334/johd.6 fatcat:4v4lrqex4rcxbm7asjcdkozdo4