Anna Sydoruk, Zaporizhzhia National University, Andrii Konokh, Zaporizhzhia National University
The purpose of the article is to analyze the management system and strategy for the development of tourism and hospitality in the Zaporizhzhia region. Methodology. The methodological basis of this research is general scientific methods. The main research methods are the formalization method, generalization, the descriptive method, methods of analysis and synthesis. Results. The management system for the regional development of tourism and hospitality is characterized by a set of goals,
more » ... s, mechanisms, the rest is determined by its tactics and strategy. The management system is based on taking into account the existing natural conditions, resource provision and many other factors related to creating the basis for the development of the tourism and hospitality industries, which can limit, or, conversely, create priorities for sectoral development in the region. An important role in the regional management system belongs to local self-government bodies. In order to improve the level of the service sector of the Zaporizhzhia region, the local authorities have formed a Strategy for the Development of Tourism of the Zaporizhzhia Region for 2021-2027, the main tasks of which are the modernization of public infrastructure and the creation of a special tourist infrastructure; development and modernization of the transport infrastructure of the region; creation of modern recreation and recreation areas; creation of a system of regional economic support for small and medium tourism businesses, the entire service sector; formation of a system of partnership between management bodies; ensuring the quality of professional training of personnel for tourism and the hospitality industry, the result of which is expected: an increase in the number of tourists and excursionists, including foreigners; increased income in hospitality, tourism and resorts; creation of new jobs in tourism and related areas of activity; an increase in the volume of provided tourist services; increasing the volume of receipts to the budgets of all levels; increasing the tourist, resort, national-cultural and business attractiveness of the region through the dissemination of information on tourism resources and the distribution of the brand among investors and tourists; solutions to related infrastructure problems in the region. Practical relevance. The management of regional tourism and hospitality development is a complex process that is formed with a focus on certain indicators (the structure of the complex, investments, production of a regional product, the efficiency of enterprises, modernization and innovation, the state of the regional labor market, employment, income, level of social development, size, regional age and gender structure of the population, etc.) and patterns that are discussed in the article. Scientific novelty. The development of the tourism and hospitality industries makes it possible to raise the economic and social level of the region, as well as to strengthen its competitiveness. Therefore, the process of creating a Strategic Program for the Development of Tourism of the Zaporizhzhia Region is the main scientific novelty of the article.
doi:10.17721/2308-135x.2021.63.37-43 fatcat:2boqskisevhr7dujmlixj63js4