Mechanisms of Plant Antioxidants Action

Davide Barreca
2020 Plants  
The plant kingdom is a rich source of health-promoting compounds and has always played a fundamental role in the isolation, identification, and modification of compounds able to perform several properties on live organisms. Among them, the so-called "antioxidants" have a major potentiality to increase human wellness. Antioxidants are important components in the signaling and defense mechanisms in some plants, where they are precursors of compounds of greater complexity, the modulator of plant
more » ... owth, and the defensive system against pathogenic organisms and predators. The extraordinary variety of chemical structure and substitution present in the different plant antioxidants make them an inestimable source of interesting compounds, with the ability to counter reactive oxygen/nitrogen species (ROS/RNS) and to stimulate the activation of signal cascade inside the cells. The mechanisms by which antioxidants detoxify these dangerous compounds are complex and involve either direct or indirect interaction with radicals. Antioxidants inhibit or quench free radical reactions mainly based on their reducing capacity or hydrogen atom-donating capacity, their solubility, and chelating properties. Moreover, their ability to modulate key metabolic enzymes and activate/block gene transcription also has remarkable importance.
doi:10.3390/plants10010035 pmid:33375600 fatcat:ivy2wy7bsjh3rc7jevr53qblt4