İslâm'da Duanın Ruh Sağlığına Katkısı

Nurdoğan Türk
2020 Zenodo  
Humanity has never been able to stay away from prayer since the first man, His holiness Adam. In this context, prayer is a kind of dialogue that provides the communication between the servant and Allah without intermediaries. According to Islam, prayer is the servant's desire and request for something earthly or ethereal from Allah, calling for help and remember Him, by admitting the weakness. Prayer is the weapon of the believer, the pillar of religion and the essence of worship. It is one of
more » ... ship. It is one of the relationships that the servant established to be close to Allah. This relationship has been widely mentioned in the holy book of Islam, the Qur'an. Moreover, the Qur'an starts with the Surah of Al-Fath, which is a prayer, and ends with the Surah of Nas, which is also a prayer. When a person needs something material or spiritual, she/he prays to ask for that thing, or to ask for help in a moment of fear, sadness, weakness, and helplessness. Prayer has both a profound, positive effect and contribution to the soul and has a potential connection to it. Prayer, which is one of the indicators of religiousness, can in a sense be described as an excellent religious-based psychotherapy or psychological satisfaction that provides people's spiritual motivation and inner peace. In this respect, besides having a psychological curative aspect -without ignoring drug treatment-, prayer has a role to relieve spiritual tension, balance and regulate spiritual life. Also, prayer is an effective factor in dealing with stress - the mental illness of the modern age. Therefore, people turn to prayer not to fall into difficult, troubled and bad situations or to take a breath when they fall into such situations. In this respect, prayer presents an even more important and functional situation. The aim of the study is to draw attention to how much prayer plays an effective role in positive contribution to Muslims' mental health and to encourage them to pray sincerely. In this study, the contribution of the prayers in worship [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4033467 fatcat:4oy5i4shefbvtmt5zmmyw6sbwi