Evolution of Flare Generated Magnetohydrodynamic Shock in Solar Wind

2016 Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences Section B  
A self-similar spherically symmetric model is constructed to describe a blast wave in the solar wind produced by a solar flare. The shock wave is assumed to advance into a conducting gas streaming with a constant velocity ahead of the shock. Numerical solutions are obtained for the distribution of flow variables within the shocked gas for the special choice of parameters and for uniform and non-uniform distribution of density in ambient solar atmosphere. In particular, the time of transit of
more » ... me of transit of the shock at the earth's orbit is calculated. It is observed that the streaming ambient solar atmosphere reduces variations in flow variables in crossing the shock at earth's orbit.
doi:10.22147/jusps-b/280501 fatcat:zuvx5efzgvfazemxnxzznwcnjy