Liquid - Liquid Equilibria of Methanol + Toluene + Hexane Ternary System at 278.15, 283.15, 288.15 and 293.15K

Mónica B Gramajo
2017 Recent Advances in Petrochemical Science  
Liquid-liquid equilibria of methanol + ethylbenzene + methylcyclohexane ternary system at 278.15, 283.15, and 293.15K are reported. The effect of the temperature on liquid-liquid equilibrium is discussed. All chemicals were quantified by gas chromatography using a thermal conductivity detector. Experimental data for the ternary system are compared with values calculated by the NRTL and UNIQUAC equations. It is found that the UNIQUAC equation fitted to the experimental data is more accurate than the NRTL model for this ternary system.
doi:10.19080/rapsci.2017.03.555602 fatcat:hcdl2qdd5varbk775zycdfeezy