Effect of Blowing/Suction through Porous Surface at Supersonic Mach Number

The effect of blowing/suction through perforated surfaces on the turbulent boundary layer was studied experimentally at Mach number M = 1.4. In the experiments, several different porous surfaces were investigated in a wide range of the blowing/suction mass flow rate. The distributions of the integral parameters of boundary layer were obtained depending on the type of porosity and mass flow rate. Data analysis has showed a significant influence of shock waves generated near the holes on the
more » ... e holes on the turbulent boundary layer. The integral effect from shock waves on boundary layer depends on set of parameters, which makes search of optimal parameters of porosity difficult.
doi:10.13009/eucass2017-351 fatcat:dczedub6njeyfmydcwjxzg2hkm