Literature Review on Optimal Cutting Parameters of Trochoidal Machining Based On Taguchi Method

Tushar Mestry
2017 International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Engineering and Technology   unpublished
The aim of this paper is to review Trochoidal Machining technique used in High Speed Machining and Taguchi Method of optimization. The Taguchi method is used to find the best process parameters and Improved quality results. Taguchi technique investigates the variation in experiments, and generally approach of system, parameter and acceptance aim have been significant in improving man-made quality worldwide. The present work focused by using L 9 (3^2) Orthogonal Array (OA) on the processing
more » ... the processing steps to get the optimal values with the help of main effects plot. This technique meets the current needs of industry owing to its shorter design cycles and improved quality of design. This method helps to find out optimal condition for a process. This optimal condition gives optimized parameters which can be used to achieve better surface finish of End Milling process by Trochoidal Machining.