Refinement of the crystal structure of palladium gallium (1:1), PdGa

Marc Armbrüster, Horst Borrmann, Michael Wedel, Yurii Prots, Rainer Giedigkeit, Peter Gille
2010 Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures  
PdGa, cubic, P2 13( no. 198) , a =4.89695(6) Å, V =117.4 Å 3 , Z =4,R gt(F) =0.024, wRref(F 2 ) =0.035, T =295 K. Source of material Large single crystals of PdGa were obtained by Czochralski growth from the melt as described in [1] . The melt consisted of Pd (99.9 %, ChemPur) and Ga (99.99 %, ChemPur) in an atomic ratio of 45:55. The metals were pre-reacted in glassy carbon crucibles under inert argon atmosphere in ahigh-frequency induction furnace. Single crystals used in this study were
more » ... his study were obtained from the bottom of the as grown Czochralski crystal and were annealed at 800°Cfor 24 hindynamic vacuum at 10 -6 mbar prior to the X-ray diffraction experiments. For the lattice parameter determination a small part of the bottom of the large crystal was crushed and an-nealed as described above. WDXS measurements were performed on aC AMECA SX100 (W filament, 25 kV) with Pd50Ga50 (by chemical analysis via ICP-OES) as standard.
doi:10.1524/ncrs.2010.0269 fatcat:ir2bkuqns5gpbhlyodarobeokm