Au–Ag alloy nanoparticle-incorporated AgBr plasmonic photocatalyst

Shin-ichi Naya, Hiroaki Tada
2020 Scientific Reports  
AbstractA solid-phase photochemical method produces Au–Ag alloy nanoparticles (NPs) with a sharp size distribution and varying composition in AgBr crystals (Au–Ag@AgBr). These features render Au–Ag@AgBr promising as a material for the plasmonic photocatalyst further to provide a possibility of elucidating the action mechanism due to the optical tunability. This study shows that the visible-light activity of Au–Ag@AgBr for degradation of model water pollutant is very sensitive to the alloy
more » ... ition with a maximum at the mole percent of Au to all Ag in AgBr (y) = 0.012 mol%. Clear positive correlation is observed between the photocatalytic activity and the quality factor defined as the ratio of the peak energy to the full width at half maximum of the localized surface plasmon resonance band. This finding indicates that Au–Ag@AgBr works as a local electromagnetic field enhancement-type plasmonic photocatalyst in which the Au–Ag NPs mainly promotes the charge separation. This conclusion was further supported by the kinetic analysis of the light intensity-dependence of external quantum yield.
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-77062-6 pmid:33203927 fatcat:pzj3kjcdwzd47bputmpakqwo6i