Absorbed Spectrum Comparison of Lead and Tungsten in Continuous X-ray Energy using Monte Carlo Simulation
몬테카를로 시뮬레이션을 통한 연속 엑스선 에너지에서 납(Pb)과 텅스텐(W)의 흡수 스펙트럼 비교 연구

Kyotae Kim, Sangsik Kang, Sicheul Noh, Bongjae Jung, Changhoon Cho, Yeji Heo, Jikoon Park
2012 Journal of the Korean Society of Radiology  
In 1895, the discovered X-ray is used for not only in this field of medicine wide but also field. The detection of radiation after, people realized the risk of the radiation exposured recommended the principle about the protection of radiation by the part of the effort for lowering the radiation exposure. In this recommendation, all unnecessary radiation exposure have to be prevented by All doses include the protection of radiation, general idea of applicable two kinds of that it has to low
more » ... t it has to low maintain. Presently, in the General X-ray room of the clinical, the lead (Pb) was used for the shielding, However, because it had the problem of the lead poisoning which is fatal in the human body, the alternatives was showed. and Among them, the material that it is the tungsten was presented. in this research, the absorbed spectrum according to the thickness in the continuous X-ray energy of the tungsten which is not harmful to the human body through the Monte Carlo simulation, tried to compare with the absorbed spectrum of the lead (Pb).The tungsten confirmed that simulation presumption than result lead in the whole domain that absorbed probability was higher and it is considered that tungsten shows the absorbed efficiency higher than the lead in particularly, 70 keV ~ 90 keV and the tungsten is more useful to the X-ray energy cover of the high energy diagnostic area.
doi:10.7742/jksr.2012.6.6.483 fatcat:654efsyx2vbznlkivzh7e7uqpq