Echinoid is essential for regulation of Egfr signaling and R8 formation during Drosophila eye development

S. A. Spencer
2003 Development  
Precisely regulated Egfr activity is essential for normal development and cell differentiation. We demonstrate that the transmembrane protein Echinoid is required to downregulate Egfr activity in the developing Drosophila eye, ensuring a normal array of R8 photoreceptor neurons. Echinoid is an L1-type transmembrane molecule that is expressed in all cells of the eye imaginal discs and, unlike many other Egfr inhibitors, does not appear to be regulated transcriptionally. Echinoid co-precipitates
more » ... id co-precipitates with Egfr from cultured cells and eye imaginal discs, and Egfr activity promotes tyrosine phosphorylation of Echinoid. These observations suggest that Echinoid inhibits Egfr through direct interactions.
doi:10.1242/dev.00605 pmid:12835389 fatcat:qk3wjqjdhnblbjbyipk3dgcome