Effect of spatial hole burning on a dual-wavelength mode-locked laser based on compactly combined dual gain media

Y. J. Huang, Y. S. Tzeng, H. H. Cho, Y. F. Chen
2014 Photonics Research  
The effect of spatial hole burning (SHB) on dual-wavelength self-mode-locked lasers based on physically combined Nd:YVO 4 ∕Nd:LuVO 4 and Nd:YVO 4 ∕Nd:KGW composite active medium is comparatively investigated. The length of the first Nd:YVO 4 crystal is optimized to realize a highly compact and efficient TEM 00 -mode picosecond laser at 1.06 μm with optical conversion efficiency greater than 20%. When the SHB effect is enhanced by decreasing the separation between the input end mirror and the
more » ... d mirror and the composite gain medium, it is experimentally found that not only the pulse duration monotonically decreases, but also the temporal behavior gradually displays a narrow-peak-on-a-pedestal shape for the Nd:YVO 4 ∕Nd:LuVO 4 scheme, while the multipulse operation can be obtained for the Nd:YVO 4 ∕Nd:KGW configuration. These phenomena are further explored by numerically simulating mode-locked pulses from the experimentally measured optical spectra.
doi:10.1364/prj.2.000161 fatcat:r4l2gni2j5ctpbhdrs6euoz4lm