Composite Plate Phased Array Structural Health Monitoring Signal Reconstruction Based on Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Algorithm

Yajie Sun, Feihong Gu, Sai Ji, Lihua Wang
2017 Journal of Sensors  
In order to ensure the safety of composite components, structural health monitoring is needed to detect structural performance in real-time at the early stage of damage occurred. This is difficult to detect complex components with single sensor detection technology, so that ultrasonic phased array technology using multisensor detection will be selected. Ultrasonic phased array technology can scan the structure in all directions and angles without moving or less moving the probe and becomes the
more » ... irst choice of structural health monitoring. However, a large amount of data will be generated when using ultrasonic phased array with Nyquist sampling theorem for structural health monitoring and is difficult to storage, transmission, and processing. Besides, traditional Nyquist sampling cannot satisfy the sampling of large amounts of data without distortion, so a more efficient acquisition technique must be chosen. Compressive sensing theory can ensure that if the signal is sparse, it can be sampled in low sampling rate which is much less than two times of the sampling rate as defined by Nyquist sampling theorem for a large number of data and reconstructed in high probability. Then, the experiment result indicated that the orthogonal matching pursuit algorithm can reconstruct the signal completely and accurately.
doi:10.1155/2017/3157329 fatcat:tky4mnmeqrf43ifi33icvb56sa